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We are RKT
Since 1974, our national and international customers are profiting from our growing knowledge and experience in the core areas of medical technology and industrial technology (Automotive, Electronics and Communication).

As a full-service provider, we would like to support you with our efficient value chain – right from development support and tool construction, validation service - up to delivery “from a one-stop shop”.

Our focus thereby lies on highest quality as well as time and cost efficiency. Today, we are an internationally active company in the tool construction and plastic injection moulding industry. Starting with tool making, we also support our customers in the area of construction, printing, filling and tipping as well as assembly of parts.

Well-known customers from all over the world have relied on the development, production and construction know-how of RKT for more than four decades now.

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Tel.: +49 94 61 954-0

Group Memberships

RKT is a company of the Alfmeier Group


Certified RKT Quality
Our customers worldwide have benefitted from the know-how of RKT for more than three decades now.
We guarantee you absolute quality and will support you as an efficient partner for your highest requirements.


Bernd Eberhardt

Managing Director
Tel.: +49 9461 954-0
Fax: +49 9461 954-110

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Andreas Persch

Andreas Persch, MBA
Leiter Vertrieb und Projekte

Head of Sales and Projects
Tel.: +49 9461 954-160
Fax: +49 9461 954-180

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D. Pfeifle

Dr. Dieter Pfeifle
Business Development Manager
Tel.: +49 176 12282202
Fax: +49 9461 954-180

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Petra Pollak
Kaufmaennische Leitung
Head of Finance, HR & IT
Tel.: +49 9461 954-106
Fax: +49 9461 954-110

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Martin Hofstetter
Head of Supply Chain &
Logistics Management

Tel.: +49 9461 954-154
Fax: +49 9461 954-180

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Tel.: +49 9461 954-0
Fax: +49 9461 954-110
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Code of Conduct

RKT Rodinger Kunststoff-Technik GmbH Code of Conduct
This Code of Conduct defines the principles and requirements of RKT for its vendors of goods and services with respect to their responsibility towards mankind and the environment. With the acceptance of an order from RKT, the vendor hereby declares:

  • Compliance with laws
  • To adhere to the laws of the respectively applicable legal system(s)
  • Prohibition of corruption and bribery
  • Not to tolerate any form of corruption or bribery or allow the same to happen, including any illegal payments or similar payments to government officials in order to influence the decision-making.
  • Ensuring the basic rights of the employees
  • To promote equal opportunity and equal treatment for its employees, irrespective of their skin color, race, nationality, social origin, any disability, sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs and their gender or age;
  • To respect personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of every individual;
  • Not to employ anyone against his/her will or force anyone to work;
  • Not to tolerate unacceptable treatment of workforces such as physical hardships, sexual and personal harassment or discrimination
  • Not to tolerate behavior (including gestures, language and physical contact) which is sexual, forceful, threatening, misusing or exploiting in nature;
  • To ensure appropriate remuneration and to ensure the legally defined national minimum wage;
  • To adhere to the respective maximum work timings legally set by the respective state;
  • If legally permitted, to acknowledge the freedom of association of the employees and neither to favour nor to discriminate members in the worker organizations or unions.
  • Prohibition of child labour - not to hire any workers who are below 15 years of age. In countries that fall under the exception for developing countries as per the ILO Convention 138, the minimum age may be reduced to 14 years.
  • Health and safety of the employees
  • To take responsibility for health and safety of its employees;
  • To curb risks and to ensure best possible precautionary measures against accidents and occupational diseases;
  • To provide trainings and to ensure that all employees become experts in the topic of work safety;
  • To create and apply an appropriate work safety management system;
  • Environmental safety - to adhere to the legal environmental protection norms and international standards;
  • To minimize the ecological damages and to continuously improve environmental safety;
  • To create and apply an appropriate environment management system;
  • Supply chain
  • The adherence to the contents of the Code of Conduct
  • To suitably promote the Code of Conduct for its vendors
  • To adhere to the principles of the non-discrimination during vendor selection and while dealing with the vendors

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Latest News

RKT obtains Certification of Norm ISO 15378-2018

Following a successful Certification Audit in July 2020, RKT now is also capable to offer manufacturing services of primary packing for pharmaceuticals.

The 3-stage Audit process was therewith completed successfully. It emphasizes once more the level of quality mindset and process-compliance at its site in Roding. For suppliers of primary packaging of pharmaceuticals this norm contains all relevant GMP requirements (Good Manufacturing Practice) and offers compliance to international, European and national laws and regulations. The Certification is an important next step for RKT. It strengthens its position in the international competitive environment.

DIN EN ISO 15378:2018 (Primary packaging materials for medicinal products)


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