Founded in 1974, we have evolved over the past five decades into a leading provider of technology for innovative plastics processing in medical technology, diagnostics, and life science. We are a manufacturing partner supporting international clients along the entire value chain, from development, toolmaking, and plastic injection molding to assembly, logistics, and shipping. Using collaborative robotics in clean-room environments, we engineer and produce components, modules, entire assemblies, and finished medical products. We have special know-how in the design, development, and construction of complex molds, as well as in the selection of plastics and the processing of a wide variety of plastic materials. Multi-component injection molding is one of our main areas of expertise as well.

We currently employ 230 people at our location in Roding, Germany. Click on “Team” to learn more about the people who ensure that every step of our processes are carried out reliably to a high standard every day.