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Group Memberships



Stephan Schulak

Managing Director 
Tel.: +49 9461 954-0
Fax: +49 9461 954-110

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Markus Kamm
VP Vertrieb, Projekte & SCM

VP Sales, Project & SCM
Tel.: +49 9461 954-120
Fax: +49 9461 954-110

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Andreas Persch, MBA
Leiter Vertrieb und Projekte

Head of Sales and Projects
Tel.: +49 9461 954-160
Fax: +49 9461 954-180

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Dr. Jürgen Doppke
Business Development Manager
Tel.: +49 176 12282202
Fax: +49 9461 954-180

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Petra Pollak
Kaufmaennische Leitung
Head of Finance, HR & IT
Tel.: +49 9461 954-106
Fax: +49 9461 954-110

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Martin Hofstetter
Head of Supply Chain &
Logistics Management

Tel.: +49 9461 954-154
Fax: +49 9461 954-180

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Tel.: +49 9461 954-0
Fax: +49 9461 954-110
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Latest News

RKT obtains Certification of Norm ISO 15378-2018

Following a successful Certification Audit in July 2020, RKT now is also capable to offer manufacturing services of primary packing for pharmaceuticals.

The 3-stage Audit process was therewith completed successfully. It emphasizes once more the level of quality mindset and process-compliance at its site in Roding. For suppliers of primary packaging of pharmaceuticals this norm contains all relevant GMP requirements (Good Manufacturing Practice) and offers compliance to international, European and national laws and regulations. The Certification is an important next step for RKT. It strengthens its position in the international competitive environment.

DIN EN ISO 15378:2018 (Primary packaging materials for medicinal products)


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