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To meet increasing product requirements in the field of electronics, which are reflected in the increasingly smaller, more precise and more powerful components, we offer our customers the option to shape these requirements by injection moulding an to assemble them. We cover the entire production chain thereby - from development support, tool construction, injection moulding, finishing technology, module assembly to packaging and logistics. The entire validation of the process with machines, tools and equipment guarantees quality and reproducibility.

Given the background of our experience in the field of microsystem technology, we are readily equipped to confront the challenges in microelectronics and microfluidics as well as the processing of special thermoplastics (LCP, COC, COP and TPE).

Our decade-long experience in the production of electronic modules, plug connectors, casings and sensor components provides you - our customer - with the opportunity to rely safely on an experienced vendor of the electronic industry.

RKT Your System Vendor

Our company is competent in the entire value chain –starting from construction (mould making).  We offer a wide range of services – right from feasibility analysis, FMEA, tool production with initial sample test report up to process installation and process validation as well as production, assembly of single parts and sub-assemblies as well as finishing.

Precision mould making - Tool production of the highest quality

Our sophisticated in-house tool production unit ensures that the highest product-specific requirements for tool quality are fulfilled. Our demanding customers enjoy the crucial advantage of our Know-how developed through thousands of our previously produced tools, even in the field of module construction.

Be it complicated sliding tools, complex core cooling, bore units, hydraulic core pullers - we build tools for the highest requirements. Our mould making and construction teams work at the highest level and generate solutions that meet the highest requirements of practicability, cooling systems, mould filling and demouldability. Tool production, assembly and production hereby collaborate across departments to coordinate their processes perfectly with each other.

Spare parts handling as per the validation standard plays an important role in the field when necessary. The tools are optimised under serial conditions in our in-house technology centre.

Manufacturing/Production - Your system vendor

In addition to pure injection moulding, we can also execute product enhancements such as metallisation or painting with our external partners. We are equipped to print components with up to 6 colours or to label them using laser in-house. Moreover, we have years of experience in the areas of ultrasound welding, thermal welding and assembly of electronic components in the plastic injection moulding parts made by us.

Here, we rely on the latest robotic systems for removal of parts and an automated box changer. The nest separation is mandatory for multi-cavity tools. If needed, the components are subjected to a hundred percent check with latest camera systems.

Logistics / Packaging - Full Service from A to Z

On your request, we can deliver very high volume components to your site as per your requirements on a daily basis. Apart from other quality criteria, smooth logistics is also a key for success. Our manufacturing devices are delivered worldwide with all the necessary documents.




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Sensor and actuator systems are becoming increasingly important. Plastic technology offers diverse, innovative options that we are researching together with RKT.
Prof.Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Drummer, Chair for plastic technology, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nuremberg

Latest News

RKT passes audits successful above average!

During the last four weeks RKT has been going through three different audits – a real audit marathon so to say! Last week the medical audit 13485 was implemented, whereas in the end of june a combination of the automotive audit IATF 16049, as well as ISO 9001 RKT has to pass.

Out of these three audits only three minor nonconfirmities and one major nonconfirmity have been the result. Compared with other companies in the sector, RKT has done twice as well as others. Consequently RKT is positioned in the top third of audited international companies.

The extraordinary brilliant audit results are first and foremost attributed to our employees, who not only work with the given standards, but also live them at any time!

Additonally to audits regardings external certifications, RKT also has to pass customer audits. Especially one audit of a medical customer has to be highlighted at this point: RKT completes the audit without any nonconfirmities and the medical customer explicitly states how satisfied they were with RKTs performance regarding the project it self, but also regarding points like cleanliness, standards and processes in general.


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