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Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Working in partnership with our customers and suppliers forms the basis for our success and provides the highest demands on our products. Our focus is on the entire value-added chain - starting with the customer and in conjunction with our own value-added process, we want to harmonize customer requirements together with the supplier in the best possible way.

Five Principles of Cooperation

Our most important principles for a permanently successful partnership and the supply of our company are:

- Highest demand on the quality of the products

- Accurate demands on the quality of the products

- Business flexibility

- Active communication between personal contacts

- Focus on a long-term partnership and business relationship

- Competitiveness

Logistics and Logistics Services

In the area of ​​logistics and logistics services, RKT faces the challenges posed by globalized and digitized markets, increasing quality expectations and continuous security of supply.

Quality, adherence to schedules and quantities as well as the ability to innovate are essential cornerstones in the cooperation with our suppliers in order to guarantee long-term success in the cooperation.

We are always open to improvements in the area of ​​logistical handling. By this we mean: packaging, transport and handling systems developed together with our customers as well as IT-supported logistics processes.

Procurement of Equipment and Services

In order to continuously meet the high quality requirements for our products, services and supporting materials as well as corresponding production facilities flow indirectly into our products. This includes, among other things, the procurement of assembly systems, special and injection moulding machines as well as systems for machining processes and the associated equipment.

Mold Making

As a company with our own tool shop, we need all the associated purchased parts such as high-performance steel, hot runners, standard parts, hot runner controllers and assembly equipment.

In order to provide our customers with the best possible support even with a tight schedule, we also work together with external partners in mold making to enable the shortest possible delivery times. This can include selected work steps such as eroding, milling, grinding, hardening or laser marking. In consultation with our customers and if required, RKT also purchases fully assembled injection molding tools from partner companies.

Series Material

When it comes to granulates and purchased items such as plastic parts, metals and electronic components, RKT trusts in a constant level of performance from its suppliers and in innovative and sustainable ideas in order to remain successful together.


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