RKT passes audits successful above average!

erstellt am: 24.07.19 | Latest News

During the last four weeks RKT has been going through three different audits – a real audit marathon so to say! Last week the medical audit 13485 was implemented, whereas in the end of june a combination of the automotive audit IATF 16049, as well as ISO 9001 RKT has to pass.

Out of these three audits only three minor nonconfirmities and one major nonconfirmity have been the result. Compared with other companies in the sector, RKT has done twice as well as others. Consequently RKT is positioned in the top third of audited international companies.

The extraordinary brilliant audit results are first and foremost attributed to our employees, who not only work with the given standards, but also live them at any time!

Additonally to audits regardings external certifications, RKT also has to pass customer audits. Especially one audit of a medical customer has to be highlighted at this point: RKT completes the audit without any nonconfirmities and the medical customer explicitly states how satisfied they were with RKTs performance regarding the project it self, but also regarding points like cleanliness, standards and processes in general.

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