RKT celebrates the 5000th tool produced

erstellt am: 08.11.16 | Latest News

RKT celebrated the 5000th tool produced together with its employees on 07.10.2016. Rodinger Kunstoff Technik GmbH in Roding had a very special celebration on Friday 07.10.2016. Since the establishment of the company in 1974, the 5000th injection mould tool was produced this year. CEO Lothar Maier, therefore, invited the employees as well as the Mayor Franz Reichhold and the neighbours in the “industrial area near the station” to a small celebration. A film premiered before the inauguration of the event: The new image film of RKT that depicts its affinity with the region and simultaneously its self-assured handling of the latest technologies in a vivid manner. In reality, a much larger number of tools have been produced since 1974 as the 5000 tools only include the initial tools for the articles and the subsequent tools have not been included in the count. Today, RKT GmbH delivers more than 250,000,000 injection mould parts to approx. 80 customers worldwide every year.

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